Wave goodbye to generic marketing using StoryBrand

I help small businesses struggling to clarify their message because they serve multiple audiences with complicated products and service offerings.

Wave goodbye to generic marketing

I help small businesses serving multiple audiences with confusing product offerings to clarify their messaging & marketing.

Ditch robotic web copy
Designed in weeks, not months
Finally, check it off your list

Most people who learn StoryBrand get paralyzed at implementation

Maybe your business is overly complicated and too complex

Unlike other businesses, you serve multiple audiences with multiple products and service offerings.

No wonder it's hard to clarify your message (I get it!),
Not only that, you don't consider yourself a writer.
So you get stuck in a never-ending loop of always editing, never finishing.

Hiring a Certified Guide in one word...relief

Jason Willetts
CEO, Willetts Tech

"At first, I was skeptical about whether Steamer Lee would be able to understand the complexities of my business."

"But in two days, he built me a BrandScript, Website Wireframe, and an Email Sales Campaign.

I appreciate how quickly he understood my business and brought my vision to life."

Experience the relief of done, done, and done

A StoryBranded website designed to sell

Your website is your most powerful brand positioning statement. But most websites are, quite frankly, embarrassing. Get a website you don't have to be embarrassed about sending prospects to.

BrandScripted messaging & copywriting

Infuse your BrandScript into everything: websites, emails, lead magnets, lead generators, Keynote presentations, Mission Statements, and Product Briefs.

Multiple sales funnels running at the same time

Don't stop! Keep the momentum going. One sales funnel is just the beginning. The next chapter is building multiple funnels running simultaneously, boosting your chances to attract more qualified leads and close more sales.

Hi, I’m Steamer Lee,
A StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2020

I understand not just the framework, but also the struggle of implementing it.

I’ll help you break free from the DIY trap and take back control of your business.

Coached 7 StoryBrand Livestreams

Over 20 StoryBranded website launches

Over 40 clients served

Over 50 BrandScripts written or reviewed

And, fun fact: over 2,200 BrandScripted bedtime stories told to my toddler over the course of almost 4 years.

Brands I've helped implement StoryBrand for

Finally, get the StoryBrand implementation you’ve been putting off for months


Abandon the DIY approach

Decide you’re done with endlessly spinning your wheels. Being secretly embarrassed with your website. Neglecting the health of your business.


Jump on a call with me

It doesn't make sense to work together until we talk and both agree 100% it's a good fit for both of us.


Get the relief of done

It's time to break free from stagnation, apply the StoryBrand principles, and watch your brand soar.

The only Guide who successfully made balloon animals for a living – using StoryBrand

I believe you should do work that energizes you – work that makes you optimistic about life, not cynical or pessimistic.

But most small business owners are miserable inside of their own business.

It makes zero sense to me when people start a business only to become a slave to it.

The main reason why?

Read more

Portfolio of recent projects

Prosper Financial Mortgage Services

Melgoza Insurance Solutions

Comforting Concepts

White Lightman Real Estate Group

Hear from people like you

"I couldn't be more impressed with Steamer and his abilities to get to know us and then translate that into a website that I'm proud of. I love telling people about our website to go there and learn more about what we do."

Nick White
A Better Home

"I'm thrilled with my website because I don't have to fiddle around anymore doing it myself. I trust Steamer to do it all for me so I can focus on what I love doing best: coaching clients."

Dr. Marylyn Poynter
Comforting Concepts

"In one page, you finally captured what I've been trying to tell people for 23 years."

Renee Melgoza
Health Insurance Consultant
Melgoza Insurance Solutions

"Bamboo Kite Marketing quickly helped us create a powerful brand message.

Working with them has made it easier for clients to buy from us right away.

Adam Christing
Founder Clean Comedians™

Wave goodbye to robotic marketing when you put StoryBrand principles into action


from the endless second-guessing & wasting time stumbling over words


to finally launch a website you feel accurately portrays your brand


to try new sales and marketing tactics


across your sales, marketing, operations, and products team


to choose projects and clients that align with your passion

Ongoing Support

to write the next chapter of your business success

4 Strategies to Stop Wasting Time on DIY Marketing

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Break free from stagnation.
Watch your brand soar.

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