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Convert trial users into paid subscribers using StoryBrand

Turn trial users into paying subscribers using the StoryBrand framework in your SaaS website and email onboarding campaigns.

Clarify my value proposition

Wave goodbye to generic marketing

I help small businesses serving multiple audiences with confusing product offerings to clarify their messaging & marketing.

Clarify value propositions
Improve conversion rates
Boost your MRR

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Don't let tech jargon hold you back

What stops trial users from converting into paid customers?

Murky messaging. When trial users can't grasp your value proposition, they don't convert into paid users.

Most SaaS companies don't effectively communicate to their users during the most important part of the trial or demo period: the first 4-10 days after they sign-up.

Instead, users are left to figure the product out own their own, failing to see the value your SaaS product offers.

Hiring a Conversion Copywriter
in one word...relief

Jason Willetts
CEO, Willetts Tech

"At first, I was skeptical about whether Steamer Lee would be able to understand the complexities of my business."

"But in two days, he built me a BrandScript, Website Wireframe, and an Email Sales Campaign. I appreciate how quickly he understood my business and brought my vision to life."

Clarify my value proposition

Get users to that A-HA! moment faster.

So, what does trial users to convert into loyal subscribes?

By helping them experience the "a-ha!" moment with your product fast.

They have to experience that self-revelation within the first 4-10 days after signing up for your free trial.

After that, the odds of you converting them goes way down.


How to get that sweet, sweet MRR boost

Clarify your SaaS
Value Propositions

Most SaaS websites are full of tech jargon and murky messaging. Your website is your most powerful brand positioning statement. Your value proposition shouldn't be playing hide-and-seek. It should be clear, direct, and memorable.

Communicate with an interesting  brand voice

Does your brand's voice sound like the online equivalent of a cardboard cutout? Not anymore. We infuse personality into your messaging, making your brand as relatable and engaging as a coffee chat with an old friend.

Create several user journeys running at the same time

One user journey is just the beginning. Next, you should build multiple user journeys running simultaneously, boosting your chances to attract more users and monthly recurring revenue.

Clarify my value proposition

Nail your messaging with customer data

Phase 1
Voice-of-Customer Research

Objective: Build a Voice-of-Customer Data library we can use to write copy that converts.

Without Voice-of-Customer Research, you might as well be shouting into the void. The Voice-of-Customer Research and Discovery phase isn't just about asking questions; it's about uncovering the gold—those insights that transform average messages into irresistible invitations to your SaaS. By truly understanding your users, you tailor your offerings to meet their exact needs, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Online Review Mining
  • Heatmaps and Scrollmaps
  • Website analytics and reports
  • Email analytics and reports
  • Ad analytics and reports
  • Past A/B tests
  • Industry trends and reports
  • Academic research and studies
  • Surveys
Phase 2
Craft Irresistible Copy

Say goodbye to generic copy. Leveraging Voice-of-Customer data, every piece of copy is crafted with one goal in mind: conversion.

We turn your unique value propositions into compelling, clear, and creative content. We don't just write; we craft stories that resonate, ensuring your message isn't just heard—it's remembered. This means more engagement, more clicks, and more conversions.

  • Write copy based on VOC
  • Craft wireframe for design
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions
Phase 3
Testing & Validation

Testing and Validation isn't the cherry on top – it's the secret sauce.

By rigorously testing different versions of your copy, we discover what truly speaks to your audience. We're not leaving your copy to guesswork – this is precision engineering for your content strategy. So that every word works hard to convert trial users into paid (and loyal) subscribers.

  • User testings
  • Validation tests
  • Analyze conversion analytics
  • Measure agreed-upon KPIs
How much should you budget?


All projects are custom, depending on what you've already done, what you need, and your timeline.

But let's say we're starting from scratch. Typically, we'll start with your website homepage copy – using Voice-of-Customer Research, proven Conversion Copywriting techniques, and Testing and Validation - for $10,000.

After that, we'll scope out an ongoing monthly retainer at $5000/mo.

Again, all projects are usually customized to an agreed-upon scope and my availability (limited to only 5 main SaaS clients per year).

Break free from stagnation.
Watch your brand soar.